My take on ongoing inter results issue in my state

It’s so saddening that some of my brothers and sisters have not gotten their results correctly. It’s a rage that has gotten into some of them and they are committing suicides. To stop this I have some solutions for parents and the board

1.Results have to be witheld and board should not take any fees for revaluation.

2.Parents need to put a case in court to stop Eamcet and other engineering and medical entrances until the fair and impartial result is out

Sorry if IAM just being emotional but it is a serious issue and many careers and lives are at stake and I sincerely want all students to get justice

EGO-End Game On

Hey !Ego you might be the mighty Thanos

But to fight against you

I have patience like captain America

I have creativity like Iron Man

I have vengeance like Thor

I have despair like Hawkeye

I have hope like Black Widow

I have anger like Hulk

You can have half the world wiped in your snap

But it’s time to break your fingers

Then you will see my snap







My take on love

Love is 👁👁👁 all say.

But to me it is clear my way.

Love is 👂🚫👂🚫 all decide.

But to me it is my reside.

It is 🕒⏰.

It is ☔🌂🌂🌂.

It is 😢😢😢.

It is stupid.

It is lazy.

It is crazy.

It is what it is.

But who knows why it is that it is??????

My take on friendship

Friend is a beautiful word.

One often mistakes with usefulness.

I see every day a friend is used every other purpose for every other purpose.

Thus friendship is lost

Friendship is lost.

Friend is gone.

Is it time to mourn I ask.

But is it necessary I guess.

May be someone who has a friend knows.

That how a friend goes.

I built my wall around myself.

My life my goals.

Why I must live a life with others relying more on me than themselves.

I stay away friendships

Not they because they are business deals.

Because they are more than







More than my heart has hurt.

I cross my heart to say thanks.

To all who have made friends and who have broke it also.

Its time I make new friends

Who are more true than I have now.

Limits of world

We are aware of limits

The step away we stop ourselves

The truth away from all the lies

The affection away from the unaffectionate

The humanity away from ones sorrow

The forgiving away from our forgetting

But limits aren’t limited

Infinite energy in the world

Anger when our loved ones are getting hurt

The grudge we hold when we do

wrong and don’t accept it

The extreme and the least are affected limits

Where is the fun ?when you don’t cross limits

When and what and where is the limit

What your hearts say or your

parents say

When your friends say or your inner self

Where your intelligence say or your ambition

Sometimes it’s for the better

Sometimes it’s the worst

Then I thought for a minute

Am I crossing it too

Aware of it you face it like a warrior

Unaware of it you keep guessing it and it take the blow

Unarmed or armed it has its strike rate up